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Social selling critical to B2B sales success, but is your sales team ready?

Posted by Tim Bond on Jun 01 2016

Legacy sales teams need training, new processes and support

In order to effectively utilise social networks to personalise all prospecting attempts, sales teams who are used to legacy methods need to be equipped with training, new processes and the support to make the transition to a state where they are truly applying the principles of social selling - and as a result seeing the ROI.

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The Social Selling Tools Every Sales Professional Should Use

Posted by Tim Bond on May 13 2016

There are a lot of new social selling tools coming out for sales professionals that allow them to tap into their prospects social activity and professional interests.

The constraint for using these tools is always time. It takes time away from sending customised messages and calling to log in to the various digital platforms in your sales arsenal. The reality is that complete integration is not always possible, and human intervention is required to fully leverage the advantages that each different platform offers.

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3 Reasons Sales Leaders Choose To Outsource Social Selling

Posted by Tim Bond on Apr 07 2016

Do you feel anxious when your sales reps resign? After investing time in hiring, training and nurturing new salespeople, voluntary turnover can be disheartening even for seasoned sales leaders. Not to mention, it’s extremely costly.

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9 Critical Business Developement KPIs Sales Leaders Should Measure

Posted by Chris Gallagher on Mar 18 2016

The importance of documented key performance indicators (KPIs) for lead generation cannot be overstated within the sales process. As the saying goes, what gets measured, gets done.

Here are KPIs that are essential to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your sales function.

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How to Avoid Telemarketing Troubles: 3 Sales Prospecting Tips that Drive ROI

Posted by Chris Gallagher on Feb 08 2016

In Hubspot’s State of Inbound Sales 2015 survey, prospecting was identified as the most difficult step in the sales process. They reported that this issue was compounded by the fact that salespeople lack vital information before they reach out to leads.

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The No. 1 Reason You're Not Converting Your Inbound Marketing Leads

Posted by Tim Bond on Feb 02 2016

Yesterday I received a call from a software salesman who reminded me that I had downloaded a whitepaper from his company’s website recently. I recalled I was interested in their solution because they are a Times 100 Fast Track company and a couple of their sales people had been clients of mine several years ago. I was happy to talk to the salesperson who called 2 months after I had become an inbound marketing lead, however if I’m honest I couldn’t remember much about the whitepaper and how they could have helped us as a business.

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3 Reasons to Adopt Hubspot's Free Sales Platform

Posted by Tim Bond on Feb 02 2016

Last month I was having breakfast with an old friend and business owner who had recently terminated his Hubspot license. When I asked why, he said that he wasn’t getting the value. I probed further and found out that there hadn’t been a solid process for passing inbound leads to the sales team.

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Timeless Business Development: The Yellow Pages vs. Sustainability

Posted by Ed Fisher on Jan 13 2016


It is the role of marketers and salespeople to adopt new channels to supply their teams with high quality leads. In this, however, is a paradox: as channels are demonstrated to work they gain popularity and eventually become saturated.

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Death of the Email Response and the Birth of Real-Time Interest

Posted by Tim Bond on Oct 16 2015

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The Warm Mailer: How to Use Your 2nd Degree Network to Increase Sales Opportunities

Posted by Rebecca on Aug 27 2015

I recently blogged about how
LinkedIn networks of a company’s executive tier are more often than not untapped vessels of sale opportunities.

Why should sales and marketing leaders be incorporating LinkedIn into their business development process?

A change specialist friend and client of Network Sunday summed it up perfectly when he described communications with prospects over LinkedIn:

“LinkedIn provides a personal introduction, which meant I was already linked to the prospect and we had read all about each other. This totally changed the psychology of our interaction – besides actually wanting to help me, this was more of a chat and less of a sales conversation.” Jon Dunnet, MD of Evoco

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Are You Leveraging the LinkedIn Clout of Your Executive Team?

Posted by Tim Bond on Jul 29 2015

Your senior people’s LinkedIn networks are untapped vessels of opportunities. They remain untapped because most senior people have finite time and are not responsible for business development.

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What Does The Marketing Technology Landscape Look Like In 2015

Posted by Rebecca on Jul 09 2015

According to Scott Brinker from Marketing Land, pretty saturated. Scott recently posted an infographic revealing that the number of marketing technology companies has nearly doubled in the space of a year.

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I've Contacted My Entire Addressable Market, Now What?

Posted by Tim Bond on Jul 09 2015

Social selling via LinkedIn can grow your sales pipeline.

With knowledge of the platform, intelligent procedure and a dedicated team you can identify and engage large numbers of suitable individuals in a few months resulting in hundreds of leads and referrals for your sales team to feast on.

But what happens when there are no more new contacts to reach out to?

Has your social selling effort come to an end?

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Have You Looked at Your Staff's LinkedIn Profiles Recently?

Posted by Tim Bond on Jul 09 2015

If representatives from a prospect company walked into your office, would you care what your staff looked like, what they were doing or what they said?

If a company is thinking of doing business with you, they will most likely check you out on LinkedIn. There are many benefits in paying attention to how your team presents themselves. Make sure everyone's LinkedIn profiles are aligned with the company vision, whilst also projecting their personality and professional credibility.

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8 Steps to Consolidating Your Team's LinkedIn Presence With Your Business Goals

Posted by Rebecca on Jul 09 2015
LinkedIn is a powerful tool to generate new business, but only if you know how to use it.

The first thing to get right is your profile page, which acts as a sort of mini-microsite, personal brand piece that very quickly tells people whether they’re going to want to do business with you.

The aim of the game is simple enough: to look better than everyone else and make your proposition more compelling than your competitors’.

This is especially important if you're at the helm of your business, where establishing a definite sense of who you are can be managed through your staff's own individual profiles.

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Finding Your Addressable Market - It's All In The Numbers

Posted by Rebecca on Jul 02 2015



As the man says, identifying your addressable market is crucial to running a successful outbound marketing exercise (and of course, acquiring quality leads).

If you don’t, you’re likely to be misfiring and wasting time and money doing so.

By systematically defining who you should be speaking to upfront, you will increase your probability of winning new business – discover new markets - and be able to work out the number of new clients you’re likely to attract from your marketing activity.

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A Fresh Perspective on Multi-Channel Messaging

Posted by Rebecca on Jul 02 2015

Firstly, let's face it:

Outbound marketing doesn’t work.

It’s true, you can expect a grand total of about 1% in response to the very well intentioned email you painstakingly constructed and then blasted with confidence to your database.


Well, there are a few reasons.

The first, involves a fact: 61% of people don’t buy until after the FIFTH point of contact. It might sound simplistic but persistence is the bedrock of great marketing.

By being persistent you are taking multiple bites of the same cherry, and addressing the small matter of timing.

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3 Fundamental of Social Business Development

Posted by Rebecca on Jul 02 2015

Picture yourself...

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How to Get C-Level Executives to Engage

Posted by Rebecca on Jul 01 2015


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How to Write a Winning Marketing Email

Posted by Rebecca on Jul 01 2015

We’ve all been there...

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How to Effectively Convert Leads to Appointments

Posted by Rebecca on Jun 30 2015

In our first 3 years, other than some email support for scheduling appointments, we relied on our clients to follow up the leads and referrals we generated for them.

As you might expect campaigns varied in success, and more often than not, the best results were directly correlated to the dedication and focus of our clients working alongside our process. To assist clients without a dedicated business development team we introduced social selling to our service – taking full responsibility to deliver qualified sales opportunities.

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